The idea for Nidi Beach came in 2020 after our mother passed away from Covid 19. Osnilda Schuller better known as Nidi taught us to have a lot of love and care for others. We went through a very difficult and painful process after her death until Adriani had a dream about Nidi.  She saw her walking on the beach with her name in the blue sky, thus giving rise to the name Nidi Beach.

Luciani lives in Brazil and Adriani in Australia. The sisters have always been very united and decided to put this dream into practice in Nidi's memory.

Nidi was the inspiration for this brand to exist, showing that all women are: beautiful, wonderful, unique and we often forget this compared to social media. We want women to have their self-esteem back and empower them using our social media for a women's movement and social inclusion. We count on all women for this positive force for change.

Each woman has inner and outer beauty within them. Together we will bring NidiBeach with a smile and a lot of love to the whole world.


We want all women to be self-confident and empowered using our social media for a women's movement and social inclusion. Let’s make women more BEAUTIFUL and HAPPIER with Nidi Beach. Created with a smile and a lot of love.


To be an internationally recognised company for its quality, modern designs and customer satisfaction.

Taking NidiBeach to the world with lots of love.



  • Passion
  • Love
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Valuing people