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Designed to exude elegance and sophistication, this enchanting gown will make you feel like true royalty. With its captivating color and exquisite detailing, it's the perfect choice for any special occasion. Step into the spotlight and let this dress transform you into the Princess of Summer.


45% Acrylic 28% Polypropylene
20% Polyester 07% Elasticate 

Wash your parts right after use. Always at hand, with cold running water;
Never put it in the washing machine;
Use neutral soap, without exaggeration and do not use fabric softener;
Never stop soaking;
Do not twist. Squeeze gently to remove excess water;
Dry in the shade;
During use, avoid direct contact with suntan lotions and protectors, not using excess product over the garment, as it may stain it.
It is a delicate piece, to keep the colors vibrant and intact it is essential to follow the instructions above.

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